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Undead Twist on a Classic: ChatGPT’s Take on Pride, Prejudice and Zombies

AI Assistant Crafts New Story Inspired by Beloved Novel and Popular Mashup

Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice is one of the most celebrated romances in English literature. The novel, published in 1813, features the beloved courtship between Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy. But in 2009, an outrageous parody mashup novel added hordes of ravenous undead to the mannered world of Austen.

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies inserted zombies, martial arts and other absurdities into Austen’s classic story, creating an unlikely fusion. Let’s see what a modern AI assistant makes of this supernatural twist on the timeless human drama at the heart of Pride and Prejudice.

New Supernatural Threat Menaces Bennet Sisters

As the Bennet sisters were enjoying a peaceful day embroidering and reading improving books, an unearthly shriek shattered the quiet English countryside. Lurching over a nearby hill came a horde of rotting, animated corpses intent on devouring living flesh. The zombie menace had arrived in Hertfordshire!

The Bennet girls quickly traded needles and books for daggers, muskets and katana blades. Elizabeth precisely decapitated a zombie with a lethal swing of her sword. Kitty and Lydia deployed a volley of arrows to fell the undead ranks approaching Longbourn. But the ravenous zombie horde seemed endless. So the sisters rallied the household for a desperate stand against the otherworldly invaders.

Darcy joins Fighting at Bennett Home

Fortunately, brave Mr. Darcy was visiting nearby when the zombies struck. Hearing the commotion, Darcy grabbed his trusty pistols and saber and rushed to Longbourn to join the battle. Back to back with Elizabeth, Darcy helped mow down wave after wave of putrid cadavers with pistols and blade.

Looking admiringly at Elizabeth’s deadly skill with the sword, Darcy realized she was the only woman who could match his brave spirit. As they fought on, Darcy knew he had found his soulmate. But could their love survive this ultimate test of defending humanity against the insatiable zombie hordes?

Alliance Formed to Wipe Out Zombie Scourge

Their defenses barely held at Longbourn, so Elizabeth and Darcy rode across the countryside to forge an alliance against the zombies. They recruited local townspeople, servants and even the snobbish Lady Catherine to join the anti-zombie militia. Finally, united with pitchforks, torches and shotguns, the villagers made a desperate last stand.

Elizabeth rallied the troops and then let loose a primal war cry as the forces charged the undead legions. The allied fighters slashed and shot down rank after rank of zombies in a melee of blades, bullets and blood. At last, the remaining zombies were destroyed or driven back into their accursed graves. Humanity had prevailed.

Darcy and Elizabeth Announce Wedding Plans

In the battle’s aftermath, Darcy was overcome with passion and proposed to Elizabeth on the spot. Caught up in the exhilaration of vanquishing the zombies against all odds, Elizabeth happily consented to be his wife. They would build a life and family together despite all the chaos and carnage in their world.

News of the engagement lifted the spirits of the entire community as it recovered. Elizabeth and Darcy were married soon after in a beautiful ceremony surrounded by adoring family and friends. With the zombie threat contained for now, the courageous couple began a new chapter of marital bliss and zombie-slaying adventures.

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