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Scientists in Hong Kong Discover Striking New Species of Box Jellyfish

Rare Fluorescent Jelly Highlights Rich Biodiversity in Region’s Waters

Marine biologists in Hong Kong announced an exciting discovery: a glowing new species of box jellyfish that uses fluorescent coloring to attract prey. The striking jelly highlights the wealth of unstudied marine life in Hong Kong’s fertile waters.

Dubbed “Fragmented Contrast Jellyfish” for its vivid luminescent patterns, the new jellyfish species features fluorescent bands of red and yellow along its bell and tentacles that flash brightly under blue light.

New Finds Boost Interest in Box Jellies

This newly documented fluorescent box jelly adds to growing scientific fascination with these beautiful but dangerous marine creatures. Some box jellyfish species can induce lethal cardiac arrest with their venomous stings.

But their elaborate visual systems for hunting prey and avoiding obstacles have also made box jellyfish of great interest for neuroscience and biomechanical engineering research in recent years.

Vibrant Reefs Harbor Undiscovered Species

The identification of a new box jelly species was aided by Hong Kong’s extensive coral reef surveys along rarely studied offshore islands. The reefs harbor an abundance of unknown species still awaiting formal documentation.

Researchers believe the fragmented contrast jelly’s glow serves as a lure to attract fish prey. They urge further expeditions to discover additional jellyfish species and behaviors thriving in undersea habitats near Hong Kong.

Biodiversity Hotspot Yields Biological Treasures

Hong Kong’s position along a major ocean current and wide temperature range make its surrounding waters extremely biodiverse. Over 5,500 marine species have been recorded in surveys so far.

Discoveries like the fragmented contrast jellyfish demonstrate how dynamic reef and marine ecosystems support a kaleidoscope of life. Continued exploration promises to reveal even more biological wonders hidden beneath Hong Kong’s waves.

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