NFLPA Launches Investigation into Handling of Tua Tagovailoa’s Head Injuries

A Scary Scene Unfolds

When Miami Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa suffered a disturbing concussion on primetime TV in September 2022, questions arose about why he was even playing after appearing disoriented just days earlier.

The NFL Players Association announced it is launching a review of the concussion protocols that somehow cleared Tagovailoa to return to the field before his traumatic head injury against the Bengals.

Criticism Over an Avoidable Situation

Many criticized the Dolphins and NFL for letting Tagovailoa play despite his visible instability after hitting his head against the Bills less than a week before his scary concussion.

The NFLPA seeks answers on if Tagovailoa should have been sidelined earlier and subjected to more rigorous evaluation before playing again and suffering a frightening head trauma.

A Thorough, Transparent Investigation

The NFLPA warned they will be thorough and transparent in their investigation of the decisions made regarding Tagovailoa’s head injuries and return to play.

Their findings will be made public to understand what concussion protocols were followed or ignored and ensure it does not repeat with other players.

Making Player Safety the Top Priority

By taking charge of getting to the bottom of Tagovailoa’s injuries mishandling, the NFLPA asserts player safety comes first.

Their emphatic response aims to find where process failed and ensure no others return prematurely at the cost of their health. The NFLPA is putting the league on notice to not compromise concussion care for wins.

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