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Venice Biennale 2024 to Spotlight Artists as “Foreigners”, Celebrating Global Diversity in Art

A Biennale Aligning with Current Events

The 59th Venice Biennale art exhibition in 2024 will carry the theme “The Milk of Dreams,” exploring perspectives of artists as foreigners and outsiders. Inspired by a book by surrealist artist Leonora Carrington, the theme speaks to belonging at a time of mass displacement worldwide.

As war, inequality, and nationalism force many from homelands, the Biennale will provide a platform to artists tackling these issues from personal angles. Their works will convey diverse experiences of alienation and otherness through varied mediums.

The Biennale as a Stage for Global Dialogue

By spotlighting artists grappling with uprootedness and exile, the Biennale spurs poignant cultural conversations. Exhibits confronting displacement promise to be impactful given the theme’s timeliness.

The global fair also continues pushing for diversity, with 80% of exhibiting artists never before shown. Women are also better represented, comprising over half of participants.

Carrington’s Influence Across Time and Space

The 2024 theme pays homage to Surrealist artist Leonora Carrington, whose fantastical works explored personal mythologies related to alienation. Carrington found resonance across cultures by capturing universals despite her unconventional style.

Decades later, her metaphorical themes still feel relevant. By making Carrington’s book its touchstone, the Biennale links today’s displaced artists to creative kindred spirits across time.

Art Uniting a Fractured World

By celebrating artists forging connections despite estrangement, the 2024 Biennale spotlights our common humanity. Across cultures, marginalization is confronted through creativity. Through shared vulnerability and poignancy, the Biennale will reveal how art transcends otherness.